Company certifications

Project quality, process quality and product quality

The Group Segis holds a quality process that allows us to be a leader in a demanding market as that of the Contract. Being a manufacturing organization, we had to integrate this concept at all levels: project quality, process quality and product quality.

The first takes charge in collaboration with famous architects, implementing and engineering, where necessary, style concepts and more advanced projects. We then develop from prototype to production and run the performance tests, according to international standards. Process quality is guaranteed by the ISO 9001 quality system, which we received in 1998. Segis was among the first companies in the sector, integrating this system at every level of its processes (design, production, logistics, sales and after sales services). Finally, the product quality is guaranteed by the application of the strictest technical and performance tests according to standards ANSI BIFMA and EN, all performed by laboratories approved and authorized.

Segis has obtained and maintained since 2005 the SA8000 certification, Corporate Management System for corporate social responsibility.

Bilancio – SA8000 – Politica – Integrativa Bilancio – SA8000 – Politica – Integrativa

ISO 14000 ISO 14000

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