Segis environmental policy

In ancient times it cooperated on everyday objects with the material we had around, trying not to upset the environmental balance. Now that the possibilities for experimentation are endless and the whole planet became available, it is important not to get carried away by the force of innovation to the detriment of the entourage and nature.

For Segis, quality and environmental sustainability have always been the founding principles, since the inception of the company in one of the most beautiful landscapes in the world, to be preserved. For this reason, it has always been given the highest attention to the choice of production processes with low environmental impact and strict controls in every aspect: emissions, effluents and waste. In line with these principles, as early as 2001, ISO 14001 certification for Segis has an internal environmental management system, in order to ensure compliance with rules as to production and, above all, to improve continually the limits for all departments and companies within the group.

Segis strives daily to study sustainable products, so: always keep the utmost respect for the environment / have low energy production processes / use wood from certified forests or recycled materials in whole or in part (where possible) or recyclable materials / optimize production schedules in order to reduce waste to a minimum / use nonpolluting surface finishes / do not use glues with presence of formaldehyde / check the supply chain to ensure respect for these principles, including through control test to verify the absence of organic volatile substances (VOC) materials.

Segis products have obtained numerous certifications and recognitions from various organizations, within the framework of European projects, from Legambiente (such as Casa Toscana Green Home) and production consortia.

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